Transform your life.
Embody your bliss.
Sol Design Kinan Whyte

SOL DESIGN centers on the premise that each person is born with an innate intelligence or unique design that. This divine design is mirrored in the sky at birth through the astrological natal chart that reflects our soul’s blueprint for living the most meaningful life we came here to have, and reminds you of who you are in your authenticity.

To live, breathe and embody your design is to turn the authority of your mind over to your heart and allow your unique soul’s design to guide you into the field of your own genius where living at your zenith is more of a possibility each day. 

This is what SOL DESIGN is all about: facilitating a life where the nobility of your spirit can pervade your entire life, making you unshakeable, unfuckwithable, stable, confident and radiant. 

SOL DESIGN services support you in living, aligning with and embodying your unique soul’s design–the very essence or light (sol) animating your being.


Stellar Embodiment Stara Luz

The ancient Egyptians painted the ceilings of their temples and sacred spaces with golden five-pointed stars which represented the human embodiment. These stars reminded them that we are stars descended to Earth having a human experience of remembering that we are stars ascending back to the heavens. 

Five-pointed stars symbolize our descension and ascension journey, the polarity of being united with the Divine and feeling separate from the Divine simultaneously. 

As we embody our stellar nature and remember that we are the Divine embodied, we align more deeply with our soul’s infinite nature and cumulative wisdom. In this process, it is if we find our wings again, able to soar between Heaven and Earth and live ecstatically in Heaven ON Earth. 

Stara has experienced the deep peace, joy and ecstasy that comes with the remembrance of her soul’s wisdom and resourcing of her Divine inheritance. It is her deepest desire to share this experience of Stellar Embodiment with the souls who are ready to receive it.