Illuminating esoteric viewpoints about sacred sexuality & alchemy
Exploring Relationship Bliss

We share expansive dialogues on intentional sacred sexuality as a path to spiritual fulfillment. 

We discuss alchemical and bliss practices through Taoist Sexual Arts, Tibetan Tantra & Karmamudra, and Egyptian & Western Sex Magick. 

We discuss the power of an orgasmic and ecstatic partnership, body alchemy, evolutionary astrology and archetypal psychology in an effort to modernize ancient arts in esoteric wisdom lineages. 

We openly discuss sexuality and spirituality continually sharing our learnings as we dive deep into the exploration of how alchemical transformation and ecstatic sexuality can fuel our ideal and aligned lives.

Meet your Hosts
Stara Luz

Stara is a galactic adventurer and lover of spiritual exploration. As Soul Wisdom Oracle she works with her clients to support their soul’s next level integration through past life deep dives, connecting with ancestors and guides, chakra up-level attunement, DNA activation sessions and light language transmissions. 

Each soul is unique and Stara supports authentic connection with the deepest wisdom ready to emerge. She also creates channeled soul code art, oil and water blends to support the soul’s deep unfoldment.

Kinan Whyte

Kinan offers Transformational Coaching, Astrology, and authentic Branding processes + for entrepreneurs aligning to their genius. He brings meditative and somatic perspectives from integrative bodywork + ashtanga yoga to all of his work, having practiced yoga, bodywork, and astrology since 2012.

Kinan engages tools and processes such as Evolutionary, Shamanic, and Medical Astrology, values-focused coaching, and the quantum field to engage soul alchemical processes with clients. 

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